About Me

Fully knowledgeable of the industry, I am a highly qualified colon hydrotherapist that you can trust. To further my knowledge and understanding of the direct link between what we put into our bodies and how we function both physically and emotionally, I am also studying to become a naturopathic nutritionist.

Having turned my own life around, I have helped hundreds of people in Devon do the same through my work as a diet counsellor and colon hydrotherapist.

My Story

At just 36 years of age, I had been declined insurance and while medical investigations were carried out, it was discovered that I had a very fatty liver. A life-long teetotaller, I was very obese by this time. With a history of diabetes in my family and cancer in the female line, I finally confronted the fact that my future health was entirely my own responsibility. It had finally dawned on me that what I was busy shovelling into my body was severely threatening my future well-being. 

Aware that I was retreating from my social life, living only to work and taking solace in comfort eating, I knew that all the diets I had tried over the years had not addressed my increasing problems with food. In a last-ditch attempt, I undertook a very low-calorie diet regime, lost 3 and a half stone in weight, and have never looked back.

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Taking Control of My Body

So inspired by the effects of the speedy weight loss and gentle yet thought-provoking counselling, I recognised that I could reclaim my life from food that had controlled my thoughts. Basing myself in Exeter, I retrained as a diet counsellor. 

I was determined to make sure that as many people as possible in Devon could also turn their lives around. No longer trapped inside an obese body, I wanted to help them to free themselves and rejoin life.

A Fully Trained Professional

However, I do not believe that my story ends here. Over the years, I have met so many wonderful people, some in need of my extensive weight loss skills and others just not functioning properly in their bodies, which has brought me to my present situation as a fully-trained colonic hydrotherapist.

With a wealth of experience, an engaging presence, and boundless energy that can help you to feel better after just 1 consultation, I believe that we all owe it to ourselves to be the very best we can - and this starts from within.